Modern Caveman

There’s nothing stronger than an idea.

Sometimes it’s all we remember from interactions. Not the names, places, or faces. Often, the mere implication of an idea is stronger than any word itself. You see this when the chemistry between two people on a date suggests the course of their night.

When someone plants a powerful idea, it can change the direction of your life. It inspires and motivates, infecting the decisions you will make. The most influential people are those who propagated ideas, like Steve Jobs. They are remembered over those who merely created, the Wozniaks.

Thee greatest cities are just places where people shared ideas. The Florence of the Renaissance, the Silicon Valley of today. The same is true of events. Helen of Troy, the great Housing Crisis.

Humans have been shaped by ideas. Entertainment thrives because of this. Whether through movies, sports, or games, it all serves the same purpose. Ideas are the stories of our lives, which feed into a collective human story.

Can it also be our greatest weakness? Can we live and die by the stories that shape us? Do we need to distance ourselves from emotions that drive our narrative, if not once in a while?

Thinking about whether we are living our lives the right way is a stressful part of being human. A solution is yet another use of ideas; they offer an escape from reality.

It’s hard to stay grounded; it’s easy to lose yourself in dreams.

Every moment we’re asked to choose between a red pill or a blue pill. Does it matter? platonic_cave.jpg