Alea iacta est

Crossing the Rubicon is a thrilling feeling. It’s rare, and when it happens it summons courage during the time of most change. It’s also nerve-wracking, but there’s something nice about getting beaten up. Life wouldn’t be as satisfying without the struggle.

The world is so wide yet life is so short, and that’s a beautiful thing. There are endless possibilities and when follow our pursuits into the openness, we carve out our meaning along the way. But this necessarily invites emptiness. At those times that we feel despair, we also build the most strength.

Every time you venture out, you enter somewhere you’ve never been. But you’ve been to many places like this. And although it’s difficult, it’s important to trust that things will work out. It’ll be okay, even if you no one tells you that, and moments like this are inversely related to the number of good times that will come.

These are the moments that define you. Take the nervousness and savor it, because this is you creating yourself in the process. So cross the river and don’t look back, except to marvel at your progress and how few have made it here.river-1.jpg